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Frozen by Adam Grace…

is one of the most stunning effects in magic, Frozen gives you super powers.  Imagine the power to freeze objects with your breath.  When Frozen was released, it was one of the biggest hits in the magic world.  Even today, this trick baffles the mind and is one of the most visual effects in the realm of magic.

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One of my favorite reviews of FROZEN, taken from the Ellusionist forums.

Wow what a great trick! I’ve owned this for a while and I have to say that with just a little slight of hand and some imagination you will leave people in pure astonishment. One night I was out on the town doing some magic and met another magician. We were both performing for the same group of people all night. He told me how he had the good fortune to do this for a living but every time I did a trick he’d make a sarcastic comment about my performance and then proceed to try and show me up. By the end of the night I was fed up with this guy and decided to do one more trick. I excused myself, went to my car and prepared to do Frozen. I came back and he was finishing up a trick. I told the group that I wasn’t going to do a trick but rather show them what is possible if you just believe. I did Frozen. When I was done the crowd was speechless, some offered to buy me a drink and I even had one girl kiss me and tell me,that was the most incredible thing she had ever seen. Before I left that magician came up to me and said you have to show me how you did that last trick. I looked at him and all I could say was that’s Frozen! Thank you Adam Grace and Thank you Ellusionist!!!   -Sean Kaim