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Adam Grace is a seasoned performer with thousands of shows under his belt.  Adam started studying MAGIC at the age of six, inspired by his father and the “Kit Kat” trick.  Since then, Adam has performed in over 25 countries, logged thousands of miles on the road, and emmassed a cult following of fans along the way.  His original style has been featured on many television shows, commercials, talk-shows, newspapers, and magazines.  Among his many accomplishments, Adam is one of the youngest magicians to ever perform on Broadway.

Currently, Adam performs for private & corporate engagements.  He  is in high demand for shows, lectures, and speaking engagements around the world.   His client list includes includes major corporations and fortune 500 companies.

Adam is also a renowned inventor, teacher,  and creator of original effects for magicians only.  His reputation, as a creator of magic, stems from his ingenious ideas and methods that have propelled magic into the 21st century. Currently, Adam is proud to be producing original effects for Ellusionist.com, the online magic store that pioneered many of today’s most popular and original effects.  More information for Adam’s effects can be found here at Adam Grace Magic.

adam grace crowd of thousands

About to walk out on stage in front thousands of people.

People often remark that Adam Grace is a renaissance man.  (He changes careers as often as he changes his hairstyle!)

“I’ve had great success as an actor, writer, musician, and magician.  People always tell me to pick something and just stick to it!  For me, life is about experiences… I’ve had so many great journeys, met the most interesting people, and shared my love for the arts in many ways.  I can’t stop moving forward.  If I do… I will probably die!”  -Adam Grace

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